Home brewing in California has become an increasingly popular pastime. While many home brewers rely on extract brewing and beer kits to simplify the process, others are interested in the flexibility and creativity provided by all grain brewing. Learning the equipment you need can seem a daunting task at first, but retailers can help when looking for home brewing supplies in Sacramento. The overhead cost of purchasing equipment will ultimately pay off in the end.

The heart of the brewing process is the vessel or vessels needed to hold your mixture through the various stages. If you have any interest in expanding your yield, consider buying vessels larger than what you need for preparation. A mash tun holds your grains and water during the mash and needs to be able to sustain temperatures of up to 175 degrees. The lauter tun holds your grains after the mash and needs to be able to handle the same level of heat. Many brewers use the same tun for the first two steps of the process, incorporating a false bottom or slotted manifold to keep grains from clogging the outlet in the second stage.


Kettle and Tank

You'll also need a cylindrical boiling kettle and a hot liquor tank. The boiling kettle will need to be able to hold liquids of a volume 20% larger than the wort being boiled, and the hot liquor tank will be used to boil water for the brewing process.

You'll also need a heating source for the brewing process. A natural gas stove is a reasonable option for smaller batches, but you may want to consider a larger heat source that allows more exact temperature measurements for perfecting your brew.

Other Tools
The vessels and heating source constitute the major equipment for brewing, but you'll also want to invest in a few tools to properly manage and monitor your home brewery. pH paper provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the chemical makeup of your beer, while iodine solution allows you to measure saccharine levels. When brewing larger batches, you'll want to invest in a mash paddle, as regular wooden spoons won't be up to the task of stirring large amounts of grain.

These items will be helpful when starting your home brewing in California. You’ll find these handy equipment in a home brewing supply shop, such as The Brewmeister.