Welcome to the new Brewmeister!

Welcome to the new Brewmeister!

Hey folks, if you're on our website for the first time, welcome! If you're a returning member or a long time member, welcome back. You probably (I hope) noticed that the website looks a lot different than it did.

We completely redid our website from the ground up, removed some old products, inserted a lot of new products, and updated the navigation completely. We've also added a lot more goodies such as the Musicale Podcast by Zach Dear and Matt Linder (check it out through the navigation button on the front page).
It's a super awesome podcast with a really unique concept that all of us enjoy a lot: taking beer and music, and bringing them together. They also offer a really in-depth analysis on whatever they're listening to/drinking. We brought it here to share it with everyone, because it's awesome and we hope you guys find it awesome too. 

We also added things like our e-learning blog, dedicated to touching on some cool topics for beginning and advanced brewers alike. That's also where you'll find information on upcoming classes and events out here in Sacramento, as well as cool web videos on different topics for those of you who, like me, prefer to see rather than read.

Our new events tab touches on new events happening here, at our sister-company Red Bus Brewing, as well as various brewing events out in the community. In addition to that we've posted some more info about ourselves through the about us tab (go figure), and some more information about our awesome staff in the meet our staff page. I very much recommend checking out that page and meeting some of our very, very interesting people that are behind all this. 

We're also going to start very frequently rotating things on our front page such as sales, holiday gift ideas, new items, clearance items, and our new, improved, and diverse recipe kits section. We've messed around A LOT with our kits, added a ton more, redesigned and re-branded some of the old ones, and created some new ones based off Red Bus Brewing's favorite recipes. 

One of my favorite new features is the chat function added to our website. When I was asking our frequent shoppers what affects their online shopping experience, one of the biggest reasons some of them didn't shop online was the ability to ask questions about a product and get an honest answer.

While there are some websites that offer a chat function that allows you to ask questions about a product, a lot of time your questions are redirected to: 1. a bot that uses an information library to give you really general answers or... 2. an off-site chat specialist that essentially looks up the information you need. While both are function, we realize they aren't necessarily what our customers are hoping for.
A lot of our customers love hearing about our own personal experiences with our products, however anecdotal they may be. A lot of great information in brewing passes through word of mouth (I was once told you could turn your beer pink by adding beets) so we aim to make that available to our customers, even online.
We do this by manning our chat function with our actual in-store workers, or myself to be able to answer questions about a specific product, your order status, or information on a refund or starting one. That way you can talk to an actual home brewer when you need one. Response time on the feature may not be instantaneous, but we do our best to keep up with it. We're still playing with this idea so it may experience some form of change in the future, but for now we'll see how it goes.

Our shipping department has been revitalized and given a set of fancy new tools to play with. This also includes special shipping discounts, which means you guys pay a lot less in shipping than before. We're also playing with the idea of special shipping offers, but we'll get back to that later.

Our customers can make an account with us too. Accounts existed on our old website, but mostly for the interest of attaching an order to some information on the customer. We now use accounts to give you guys special things like sales, discount codes, free shipping offers, and more goodies for being a registered member. They also help tell us information like how our website is behaving, and feeds the analytics cookie monster (me, Owen). I heavily encourage everyone who shops with us to make one. 

We've also update things like our terms of service (click here to see them), privacy policy (click here to view), and redid our refund policy (click here to view) if you enjoy looking at walls of text. For whatever reason.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, we've added a lot of cool stuff. We are extremely open to (and hoping for) user feedback. Whether it's layout feedback, picture feedback, pricing feedback, anything really, we want to hear it. You can drop some feedback to us through the chat function, or to roseville@shopbrewmeister.com.
We also may send you a feedback survey after an order to gather your opinions on what you encountered. These are absolutely optional, no pressure, and you can be as honest as you want, it's anonymous.

We're also going bring back our social media presence in force, with things like deals, events, discounts, e-learning, and more. If you don't follow us on Facebook and Instagram, we'd love it if you did. Who knows, you may even find some cool stuff on there.

There's really no shortages of change around here, and we all think it's in a great direction. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Also, watch the new E-learning blog, as Red Bus head brewer Nik Stevens is going to start putting together some really awesome and informative post there. I (Owen Bankson) may not be always writing these post either. This blog is open to everyone that works here; so if someone gets an inspiration, you may randomly see something really cool pop up. You never know.

Anyways, I'll stop rambling now. Look forward to hearing from you guys, and as always, thanks for shopping with us. 

-Owen Bankson

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