Ooooo a new blog.

Ooooo a new blog.

Hey check this out, a new blog. An E-learning blog. Sounds fancy.
   It is.

What is E-learning? Its a blog space dedicated to a conglomerate of learning resources for any type and skill level of brewers. A lot of these post will likely be the brainchild of Red Bus Brewing Companies' own Nik Stevens, the head brewer of Red Bus; and Erik Schmid, owner of Red Bus Brewing Company.

We'll also likely have some post written by other members of our very knowledge team, such as Brian, Kel, Chris, Tim, and Nicole, as they so desire. We may also redirect our readers to other really cool resources that we feel are excellent and knowledgeable contributors to the brewing universe. There's a lot of those.

We'll post upcoming classes on here too, so that all our Sacramento area friends can attend in person. We may also post videos of these classes so that everyone can enjoy them, even at home.

Well that's all for now. Here's to the new blog. Cheers!

ps: thanks @nickysixstars on instagram for the cool picture of our grain setup.

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