Kegerator Lines

Replacement food safe, vinyl beer and gas lines for kegerators and keezers. Has your kegerator or keezer been sitting for a while? Even with cleaning, your tubing may need to be replaced periodically due to temperature fluctuation, staining, cracks, stretching, scratches, and other issues. We categorized all replacement lines and some parts here for easy access. Typically, gas lines are 5/16" in diameter, and beer lines are usually 3/16" in diameter. There may be some exceptions, but generally these are usually the diameters of the lines. If you aren't sure what size your hoses are, check on the side of the lines. Otherwise, it's very likely the lines are the sizes listed above. These tubes are standard vinyl tubing, and are food grade. Silicone tubes are available, but are not recommended for using in a kegerator or keezer. You can find additional keg connectors, taps, and couplers under the connectors, couplers, and adapters catagories above.