Baltic Porter Kit

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Default Yeast:
Dry - Fermentis 34/70
White Labs - 833
Imperial - L13 Global
If you wish to add a yeast that is not one of the above strains, please select no yeast when adding kit to cart, and select the yeast of your choice from our beer yeast collection.

This beer can be produced with a lager or ale yeast, by default we include lager yeast. If you'd like to brew this as an ale, please omit a yeast on this kit and pick a yeast of your choosing from our yeast collection.

Growing in popularity here in the states, also described as Imperial Porter, super Rich and Malty, with a strong toffee, and nut characteristic and strong alcohol.   Munich Malt based and hopped lightly with noble hops, this is a terrific, smooth drinking, dark brown, amber color porter.  Delicious as an after dinner drink with a cigar like a port wine.   Usually lagered, but can also be made with Ale yeast, just on the low end of the temperature range (~65F) to limit ester production.