Belgian Dubbel Kit

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"Do good works with your hands," is the biblical proclamation. Industrious monks in Belgium have been doing good works by making great beer! This style is rich and malty, with just enough added sugar to be light and warming. The special yeast gives citrus and spice aromas to go with the rich malt. Try some, it'll be a near religious experience!
This Belgian Dubbel kit contains:

10lbs of German Pilsner Malt or
6.6 lbs Pilsen Liquid Extract
1.25 lbs of CaraMunich and Special B Malts
1 lb Dark Belgian Candi Syrup
1 oz of Liberty Pellet Hops
Muslin Steeping and/or hop bag
Irish Moss for Kettle Clarification/Sedimentation

As with all our recipe kits, you have several options for milling, liquid or dry yeast, and with or without priming sugar.