Belgian Saison Kit

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Our version of the classic Belgian Saison. This has a creamy white, dense head sitting on lightly hazy, golden beer that will leave a delicate "Belgian Lace" on the sides of the glass as you enjoy! There is a floral and spice aroma mingled with delicate fruitiness that leads you to the light, refreshing soft malt and hop flavor that tingles the tongue with a sparkling effervescence. The aftertaste leaves you with the lasting impression of malt and spice. This Saison kit contains:

9 lbs of Rhar 2-Row Malt or
6.6 lbs Golden Light Liquid Extract
1 lb of Flaked Wheat and Aromatic Malt
1 oz East Kent Goldings Pellet Hops
Muslin Steeping and/or hop bag
Irish Moss for Kettle Clarification/Sedimentation
1 package of Lalvin K1-1116 White Wine Yeast (for secondary fermentation)

As with all our recipe kits, you have several options for milling, liquid or dry yeast, and with or without priming sugar.