Porter Base Kit

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Default Yeast:
Dry - Fermentis US05
White Labs - 001
Imperial - A07 Flagship
If you wish to add a yeast that is not one of the above strains, please select no yeast when adding kit to cart, and select the yeast of your choice from our beer yeast collection.

Base kit only. Add your own flair using coconut, vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, and more!

Inspired by one of our Employee’s House Beers, this Porter is the perfect night time sipper just by itself. But that can be boring, so we encourage you to add some of your own flair to it! Our favorite addition is a pound of flaked coconut (find it at your local “health-forward” grocery store). Hazelnut, Cherry, or Vanilla all are fantastic, also. This recipe provides a perfect backbone for whatever flavoring you want to add.