German Pilsner Kit

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The Germans have perfected a beer which is pale, golden, and alluring. This is our rendition of a classic German Pilsner. A creamy dense head tops a well-carbonated brew with an accent a refreshing, clean finish and hop balance. The beer gets its aromatic character from the hops. Clean, crisp, hop-spicy, and bitter with malty overtones. This German Pilsner kit contains:

10 lbs. German Pilsner Malt or
6.6 lbs Pilsen Liquid Extract
1 lbs German Munich Malt
4 oz Hallertau Hersbrucker Pellet Hops
Muslin Steeping and/or hop bag
Irish Moss for Kettle Clarification/Sedimentation

As with all our recipe kits, you have several options for milling, liquid or dry yeast, and with or without priming sugar. We have included both Ale (Kolsch) and Lager yeast options for you.