Hefeweissen Kit

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Hefeweissen is a version of wheat beer from southern Germany. "Hefe" means with yeast. It is refreshing, light-bodied, lightly hopped, yeasty, highly effervescent, with flavor and aroma suggestive of cloves and banana. American versions are more neutral and retain the refreshing qualities of their German cousins. This kit makes either German or American style Hefeweissen depending on your yeast selection. This Hefeweissen kit contains:

7 lbs German Pilsner Malt and 5 lbs White Wheat Malt or
3.3 lbs Pilsen Liquid Extract and 3.3 lbs Bavarian Wheat
1 oz. of Hallertau Hersbrucker Pellet Hops
Muslin Steeping and/or hop bag
Irish Moss for Kettle Clarification/Sedimentation

As with all our recipe kits, you have several options for milling, liquid or dry yeast, and with or without priming sugar