Navigator Dopplebock Kit

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Default Yeast:
Dry - Fermentis 34/70
White Labs - 833
Imperial - L17 Harvest
If you wish to add a yeast that is not one of the above strains, please select no yeast when adding kit to cart, and select the yeast of your choice from our beer yeast collection.

We call this Navigator, cause it will get you where you are going in a hurry! Literally, Dopple Bock means: Double Bock. In Germany, all bock beers fall into one category of starkbier, or “strong beer” which is defined as any beer sent to the fermenter with an original gravity above 1.064. This example has a starting gravity of 1.070 and should yield a 7.2-7.5% alcohol example of this fine style. This, along with all Dopplebocks, is heavy and malty with little perceived hop bitterness.