Ponderosa Porter Kit

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Porter originated in London when it was popular among the working class. It is a lighter bodied companion to stout. Today, the best examples of porters are made by American Microbreweries, like Sierra Nevada. Try this one, it uses robust American Hop varieties with a classic London Ale Yeast. Or Try American Ale Yeast for a little drier version.
This Ponderosa Porter kit contains:

9 lbs Rhar 2-Row Malt or
6.6 lbs Golden Light Liquid Extract
2 lbs. of Chocolate, Crystal 120L, Munich and Carafa I Malts
2 oz. of Perle Pellet Hops
Muslin Steeping and/or hop bag
Irish Moss for Kettle Clarification/Sedimentation

As with all our recipe kits, you have several options for milling, liquid or dry yeast, and with or without priming sugar.